Essential Summer Home & Garden Buys

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Summer is right around the corner, which means the weather is getting warmer and drinks are getting colder. As it’s the hottest time of the year, we tend to spend most of our time either unwinding in our gardens or getting stuck into some outdoor DIY. 

In this guide, we discover the essential summer tools and accessories to help freshen up your home, car and garden.

Swimming Pool Accessories

If you’re staying at home with the kids this summer and already have a swimming pool, then be sure to invest in these helpful pool accessories and keep your pool in tip-top condition throughout the summer.

Filter Cartridge & Pump

Inexpensive, efficient, and easy-to-install, a filter cartridge is a great way to filter your pool. By using a cloth-like material, filter cartridges effortlessly capture any debris and contaminants that may get into a swimming pool’s water. Used in conjunction with a pump, they ensure a cleaner and more pleasant experience.

Pool Cover

Pool covers are designed to prevent any insects and debris from entering your pool when it’s not in use. Most commonly, they are made from UV-stabilized polyethylene, polypropylene, or vinyl – which makes this highly affordable and extremely durable. Covers also serve to retain the heat once a pool is heated up, or special solar covers can generate heat to warm the water before use.

Pool Maintenance Kit

Your pool should be maintained on a regular basis. That’s why a maintenance kit is vital for pool owners, as this helps to keep the water clean and free from any debris. A maintenance kit usually consists of a skimmer net, an aluminium rod, and pool vacuum cleaner.

Pressure Washers

Need a tool to quickly and effectively clean your driveway? Or looking for an easier way to wash your car? A pressure washer can do both and is a practical method of blasting away any dirt from an outdoor surface. At Euro Car Parts, we offer a wide range of industry-leading pressure washers, so you can find your perfect washer today.

DIY Tools

Is your car or home in need a bit of a TLC this summer? We got everything you need to tackle any job with these essential DIY tools:

Tool Kits

Cover yourself for all eventualities with a tool kit, with sets ranging from 10 pieces to over 150 pieces. Our kits include everything from screwdrivers, hammers, screws, pliers, wrenches and hammers, so you can tackle everything from laying decking to putting up shelves.

Cordless Screwdriver

Save time and effort by fixing screws in place with a cordless screwdriver. Lightweight, portable, and with precise results, cordless screwdrivers allow you to fix up a fence or bench in no time. They can also be used to loosen and remove screws, quickly and easily.

Rotary Polisher

This tool is used to polish and restore paintwork on surfaces. Often used by professionals, the head of a rotary polisher rotates on a single axis at a constant speed. This then causes friction to build up, which enables you to correct any paintwork, like on a car for instance.

Garden Tools

What better way to spend your summer evenings than by relaxing in the garden. Keep yours well maintained with these useful garden tools

Gardening Kit

For those new to gardening or for existing enthusiasts, a garden tool set comes in handy. Our kits have everything you need for jobs around the garden – raking soil, planting seeds and flowers, digging up weeds and collecting leaves.

Gel Kneeling Pads

Potting plants, weeding or deep cleaning outside can take its toll on your knees. Investing in a set of gel knee pads will provide you with a comfortable surface to kneel on so you can work longer.

Spray Gun Set

Perfect for watering the grass and flower beds or useful for cleaning around the garden, a spray gun set to attach to a garden hose offers 6 functions – mist, soaker, cone, flat, shower and jet.

Car Cleaning Products

Keep your car in pristine condition inside and out, with a little help from these cleaning products:

Leather Cleaners

Keep your leather surfaces clean, supple and protected with our range of leather cleaning sprays, liquids and wipes. Leather cleaners gently lift away dirt and stains, restore the original colour, and provide ongoing protection for leather upholstery.

Ceramic Coating

Improve the exterior of your vehicle and protect it from damage by simply applying ceramic coating. Most commonly, this chemical polymer is applied easily by hand, and is designed to preserve your vehicle’s paintwork as well as offer light protection.

Colour Restorer

Over time, it’s only natural for the colour of your car to fade. To help combat this and help restore your car to its former glory, apply colour restorer to your vehicle’s paintwork. This creates a shiny finish to your vehicle, as well as helping to remove any scratches or stains.

At Euro Car Parts we have over 130,000 products at competitive prices – we have a part for every make and model, as well as all your garden and home essentials right here.

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