Painting tips to help you touch up your game

Car Paintwork

Using touch up paint is one of the most painstaking jobs to get right when it comes to the upkeep of your car.

In today’s modern age especially, chips and scratches are a common occurrence and buying inexpensive touch up kits may seem a good idea at the start. However, all too often, a lack of patience and full understanding may mean your vehicle ends up looking worse than it did at the start.

Luckily, by following our handy tips below, you can ensure that using touch up paint is an enjoyable experience from the purchasing phase, to application, and beyond.

Keep it consistent

One of the most common painting crimes actually seems like a foolish one upon first glance – buying the wrong touch up colour!

Depending on the age of your vehicle, its colour may have faded over time. That’s why applying some touch up paint to scrap material and comparing it to your paintwork is always a savvy idea before diving in.

For those with newer motors, finding your correct vehicle colour code is usually a straightforward task. Usually highlighted on a small plate, this can be located in multiple places such as the firewall, glove box or in the spare tyre wheel well among other areas.

Once you’ve found the right shade, simply visit Euro Car Parts, either online or in store to purchase the correct touch up colour as well as primer for larger imperfections.

Survey the area

Diving straight into the job is another common mistake people make when touching up paintwork. Instead of rushing in, take time to thoroughly survey the area that requires work – that means checking for rust while sanding and washing.

No matter if the chip or scratch covers a large or tiny area, applying rust treatment agents will guard against further corrosion beneath the new paint. From here, 220 grade sandpaper should be used to buff the surface before primer application for larger scrapes.

But it’s still not time to add primer or paint just yet. Firstly, take time to wash the area thoroughly, ensuring that any dust and dirt is removed, not to mention rust treatment agent residue after drying. Only then should primer be applied with a fine brush or even a toothpick.

You also need to make sure that primer only covers the chipped area and no original paint. Wait for the primer to dry before proceeding.

Complete the job

When it comes to applying the paint itself, it should be applied the same way as the primer, using a very fine brush or even a matchstick. Ensuring the paint has been mixed in the bottle first.
For tiny chips, it’s even worth considering cutting down a matchstick or toothpick to ensure you have greater control with a steady hand.

To guard against any blotches and bubbles while ensuring the paint doesn’t run, apply the paint by hand making sure it isn’t thicker than the rest of the paint on the vehicle.

It’s also important to make sure you don’t drive your vehicle away right after application, given the fact the paint will need time to dry.

For all of your touch up paint essentials, make sure to check out Euro Car Parts and find the right products for your vehicle today. Use our trusty search and live chat facilities to streamline the entire purchasing process!