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Car Paints

Car Paints

If you need to touch up your paintwork after a bump or scrape, you’re in the right place. We’ve got a complete stock of spray paints for your car in all colours and finishes, keeping your car looking tip-top.

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A scratch or scrape can be an annoying blight on an otherwise perfect car – but you don’t need to shell out for an expensive respray to fix it. Pick up one of our low-cost, high-quality car paints, available in spray cans for easy application, and your motor will be looking like new in no time. Our paints come in a variety of colours and finishes, including matt, high-gloss and pearlescent, carefully chosen to match the original paintwork as closely as possible. The range also includes primers, which provide a base coat that helps the paint to adhere to the surface more closely for a long-lasting hold. We’ve got paints from Streetwize, Simoniz, Hycote and many more well-known brands in all kinds of shades. If you’re having trouble finding a good match for your car, just pop in to one of our 200 locations and ask – we’ll be happy to help.