How To Clay Bar Your Car

Clay Bar

During different seasons it is essential to keep your car clean, as salt and dirt can stick to the car and ruin the original paintwork. By frequently cleaning your car, you protect the paint and also the value of the vehicle. Despite the basic wash you may give your car, some particles may still be stuck in the paintwork. By using a clay bar you can remove the hard to see particles of dirt and salt.

A clay bar removes the contaminants from the paint by gliding over panels and glass without scratching them.

There are various different types of clay bars however the choice is yours – they all work to remove contaminants from panels and glass.

If you’ve decided to clay bar your vehicle after a wash here are the things you’ll need:

-Clay lubricant
-Clay bar
-Microfibre cloth

The process of clay bar cleaning on your vehicle is very quick and easy. It can be broken down into few simple steps.

1- Perform standard wash for your vehicle.

2- After your car is dry, spray clay lubricant onto the panel you are working on. Be sure to spray a small amount and work on that wet area only.

3- Use your clay bar to gently rub over the lubricant as it removes the contaminants. You’ll know when to stop when it smoothly glides across and the panel and does not feel rough anymore.  

4- Continuously spray the area with lubricant and mould the clay bar when moving onto a new area – the trick is to keep the clay bar quite damp using the lubricant.

5- Spray clay lubricant onto microfibre cloth and wipe down the panels to remove any leftover wet marks.

6- Using a dry hand rub the body panel to see how the texture is, if it is rough then repeat steps 2 to 5 again.

7- Make sure that the clay bar cleaning is done evenly over all body panels and glass.

When packing up make sure that the clay bar stays well lubricated and is put away in its original packaging and sealed, as leaving it out in the open can cause the bar to become contaminated.

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