How To Protect Your Car Interior & Exterior During Winter

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Caring for your car is important as it helps protect it from the damaging effects of sun, heat and cold. By protecting your car it will help keep it looking new, as well as help when the time comes to sell it. The first thing potential buyers look at is the condition of the car’s paint as an indication to how well the car has been cared for by its current owner.

As mentioned, the weather can have a serious impact on car paint and body work, especially in winter, as it brings heavy rain, hail, snow and grit. Therefore it is important to regularly wash your car, particularly the areas of it that you can’t see such as under the wheel arches. The reason for this is that when driving in the rain or snow, salt and grit can gather under wheel arches and cause them to rust.

It is also essential to keep safe during winter to avoid damaging your vehicle. For instance, during heavy rain it is important that your vehicle has functioning wipers. Keeping the windscreen clean inside and out is also important to avoid impairing your vision. Many people will change their tyres to suit the weather conditions such as fitting winter tyres or snow tyres to give better traction and control of steering.

A good way to clean your windscreen during freezing weather, is by using a de-icer spray. Simply spray onto the windscreen and you will see the frost melt away. A quick and simple way to to remove screen frost.

TripleQX De-Icer

During extreme conditions such a snow, a scraper will help remove the snow off the car. However be careful as it may leave scratches. We recommend using a rubber scraper or a heated scraper to melt away any thick snow and scrape away.

Using cleaning additives such as Rain X or Fog X on your windscreen will repel dirt and bead the water on the windscreen to allow everything to roll off the windscreen. Simply spray these products onto the windscreen then rub in.

RainX Rain Repellent

It is also important to keep your wheels clean as dirt and salt can get trapped in between spikes, grooves and design holes. This can ruin alloys and tyres, as well as make it more difficult to drive on icy surfaces or in the rain.

To avoid this, drivers can use wheel cleaners, just spray onto the wheels and brush off with a wheel thistle brush. By doing this grime and salt will be removed.

TripleQX Wheel Cleaner

Sealants can also be applied to alloys to prevent salt and moisture damaging them by acting as an overcoat. Tyre dressing can also be sprayed around the rubber to keep it looking new and also act as a sealant.

MAX coat Wheel Guard

Protecting bodywork and paint on vehicles is important as without protection the salty rain water can corrode the paint and cause rusting or fading. Cleaning your car regularly will help avoid this. By using car shampoos and wax, a two bucket wash will take the major grime and dirt off your car.

Meguiars Wash Kit

A clay bar will help remove salt and particles off the lacquer and paint giving it a thorough clean. An additional layer of wax polish can be added for shine and to bring the colour back.

Ceramic coats work similar to Rain X or Fog X, they can be applied onto each body panel and rubbed in which will then bead the raindrops and allow water to roll off the vehicle.

SONAX Ceramic Coat kit

Drying towels are also useful during the cleaning process as they are made of a soft microfibre and are pretty thick so they will soak up any remaining moisture after cleaning without scratching the paint or the panels. They come in various sizes so a bigger one can help speed up the drying process.

For those days where it is constantly raining or you live in an area where you walk through a lot of mud, it can be very difficult to keep the interior of the car clean. Using carpet cleaners on carpet floor mats can help remove grime and dirt and other annoying mud marks.

An alternative is switching to rubber mats. The rubber can stop your wet feet from slipping while driving, and it is also easier to clean the muck off as they are more heavy duty than carpet mats.

Streetwise Rubber Car Mat

There are also leather cleaners that can be rubbed onto the seats and any interior leather parts to keep the material looking new and fresh.

Fabric interior cleaner are also available which clean fabric seats and other fabric parts of the interior. They can help remove stains and deep clean the fabric to remove dust and pollen.

Diamondbrite Interior Cleaner

A final solution is to use a car cover, they are available in various sizes. Car covers wrap the majority of the car to protect it from rain, snow, and heat from sun rays.

Streetwise Car Cover

We hope we found our post useful to help keep your car interior and exterior clean and protected. For more useful tips, visit our blog.