How To Recharge A Car Battery

Your car’s battery is one of the most essential components of your vehicle. Not only does it power your electric circuit, but it also ensures your engine ignites. Below, we explain precisely how you can recharge your car battery and answer common questions about charging, like how long it should take.  

Here’s the best way you can recharge your car battery at home. Simply follow these steps: 

  1. Determine what type of battery your car uses 

In order for you to charge your battery, it’s crucial you know what type of battery your car runs on. This is because a conventional charger may not be appropriate. For instance, stop and start vehicles require a smart charger instead of a regular one.

  1. Check lead terminals 

The first thing to do before you connect your charger is ensure the clamps and terminals aren’t dirty or corroded. If they are, they’ll need to be cleaned.   

  1. Disconnect your car battery 

Undo both terminals. We recommend you disconnect the negative side first and then the next terminal at the adjacent side.  

You must always be extra careful when handling your car battery. To do this safely, start by disconnecting the negative lead, and then reconnect. 

  1. Connect the charger 

As a safety precaution, you should always keep the charger a safe distance from the battery and ensure the cables are stretched out as far as possible. During charging, avoid resting the charger above the car battery. 

You can now connect the clamps. Be sure to connect positive to positive and negative to negative. Afterwards, you can plug-in the charger.  

  1. Switch on the charger 

Double check you’re happy the charger is correctly and safely connected. You can now switch on your charger and wait for the battery to recharge. 

How Long Does It Take to Charge a Car Battery?

The size of your car battery and charger power output are the main factors that influence charge time. Typically, a charge output of 4-8 amps takes between 20 and 24 hours to reach full charge. Alternatively, an output of 20 amps takes only 2 to 4 hours.   

What Charges a Car Battery?

The alternator is the main component that charges your car battery and can be found at the front of the car. When an alternator is faulty or damaged, it can often cause the battery to malfunction, causing the engine to stall. What’s more, the alternator charges your car battery  while the car is in motion. Only 30 minutes of motorway driving can fully recharge your battery. 

Can I Charge My Car Battery Without Disconnecting It? 

The safest way to disconnect your car battery is by disconnecting the negative lead first and then reconnect it last. Otherwise, you may receive a small electric shock when you touch the positive terminal side. 

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