Motorcycle Parts for Bikers Coming Out of Hibernation

Motorcycle Parts and Accessories

As the weather improves it’s almost inevitable that the sound of motorbikes revving up their engines will fill the air after a winter of hibernation. Some of these machines will start straight away but others will require some new motorcycle parts and accessories after a long, cold winter sitting in the garage.

Whether your motorbike needs new parts and a bit of TLC or not, it will never hurt to do a few checks on the key parts, lubricants and fluids prior to hitting the open road for the first time this summer.

Unlike cars, motorcycles aren’t necessarily used on a daily basis. Some bikers will prefer their car for the daily commute and you can’t really do the school run on a Honda Fireblade, Yamaha R1 or a Suzuki GSX-R1000! This means that you might need to do a significant amount of work on the bike before you take it out on the road, having last fired it up back in September or October last year.

New motorcycle parts and accessories

All motorcyclists will be aware of how important safety is on your bike whether you’re on a 50cc moped or a 1000cc superbike. You need to remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings at all times in order to anticipate and react quickly to the actions of other road users, and that means keeping your motorcycle parts and accessories in prime condition.

Essential motorcycle parts and accessories for all riders

Maintenance is something you’re either good at, or you’re not. Some people are a whizz with a spanner and they can change parts in a matter of moments. For other people it can be much more difficult and you may prefer to pay for professional assistance.

Whatever your stance is on maintaining your motorbike, it’s important that you check on certain parts regularly to ensure that they are ready for action when you need them. It’s also important to utilise the latest technology in an age when riders are still being knocked off their bikes by drivers who don’t see them coming.

Whether you’re looking for new motorcycle parts and accessories or some advice on how to prepare your bike for the summer, here are a few essential parts that will benefit all riders from first-timers to experienced bikers.

New motorcycle parts

Motorcycle batteries

There’s a good chance that your bike may not start if it’s been sat in the garage for the past few months. Over time motorcycle batteries can leak or just stop working due to the cold weather – a bit like many car batteries – and this means that when the sun is shining and you want to take it out for a ride, you’re left on the stand.

New motorbike batteries are easy to find, and fit, but are much smaller than typical car batteries due to the smaller chassis on a bike. Motorcycle batteries sit behind the fairings and help to power the engine, lights and other electrical components on the machine. They will vary in size according to the size of the machine, with 50cc mopeds requiring much smaller batteries than their bigger brothers, the 1000cc superbikes.

If you’re not sure on the right motorbike battery for you and your machine, either look at the model number on your current battery or get in touch with an expert at your local Euro Car Parts branch.

Satellite navigation

Okay, so satellite navigation is hardly new anymore, but a lot of motorcyclists would really benefit from having these small screens mounted to their dashboard to guide them to their destination.

Working in exactly the same way as car versions, motorcycle sat nav devices are smaller and sleeker than their counterparts (so the device  doesn’t affect the look of your bike) but just as clear to read. That means that you can negotiate the traffic by following alternative routes and you no longer have to pull over to read a paper map in the rain.

The displays have been adapted to work fluently even with your protective gloves on, and the water and fuel-proof construction ensures that it won’t be affected by harsh weather and spray. You can even connect your device to a Bluetooth headset inside your helmet to hear the navigation instructions.

Dash Cams

While no motorcyclist ever wants to think about being caught up or involved in an accident, it has proven that dash cams are a must-have accessory from both insurance and lifestyle perspectives.

An accident recorder, or dash cam

Insurance companies have started to use the on-board footage taken on accident recorders mounted to riders’ helmets as evidence to support their claims, and some have even led to police prosecutions against the offending road users.

Accident recorders can be mounted to the helmet or handlebars of the bike to record journeys. Plenty of riders film themselves on track days or rides around circuits such as the Isle of Man TT course; or while on long distance journeys on some of the best driving roads in Europe, and further afield, uploading them to the Internet for the world to see or saving them at home for friends and family.

Motorcycle stands and lifts

If you’re doing any work on your bike then the side stand simply isn’t enough to help you. Investing in proper motorcycle stands and lifts will enable you to get the front or rear tyre off the ground to work on the wheel and exhaust system, adjusting the chain, shocks and swinging arm for better gearing and suspension.

Motorcycle lifts will enable you to get the whole bike off the ground if you need to do any substantial work. Nobody works well while sat or knelt on the floor, so raise the bike up to a comfortable height where you can either remove the wheels or fairings for better access to the affected parts. You can then do your oil changes and fit new parts comfortably rather than developing the kind of back aches that stop you going out for a ride!


Finally, but by no means least importantly, motorcycle covers will help to keep your bike in the best possible condition while it’s parked up either in the garage or out on the driveway.

Covers come with elasticated lining that will enable you to fully cover up your machine – once it has cooled down of course otherwise you’ll burn holes in it! You can then protect the bodywork and motorcycle parts against the elements to keep them in the best condition and to stop the paintwork from fading or rusting.

For more consumer advice and buyer guides for both car and motorcycle parts come back to the Euro Car Parts blog soon.

We will also be covering a range of topics including motoring news, car releases and our hillclimbing racing expert Charlie Martin. Should you need any help or advice on choosing the most suitable car or bike parts for your vehicle, contact your local branch of Euro Car Parts.