Top Tips for Driving in Hot Weather­­­­­

Young couple using a map on a roadtrip for directions

Whether you’re planning on taking a road trip around the UK this summer, or you simply drive a lot as part of your regular day-to-day schedule, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared for hot weather. Just like winter, the warmer months come with their own set of problems for both drivers and passengers, but our handy tips will make sure you’re always safe and comfortable while on the road.

Plan Ahead

If you’re going to be in your vehicle for an extended period of time, or you unexpectedly get stuck in traffic, there’s nothing worse than feeling hungry, thirsty and bored. We’re confident you’ll thank yourself later if you take some time before you set off to pack some essentials.

If you’re not driving alone, bringing some kind of entertainment along with you will help to keep your passengers happy. Tablets are always a great choice and they’re easy to transport, and you can download a range of movies and games to use offline. You might even consider an in-car DVD player for little ones.

For long journeys, we recommend picking up a small cooler to bring with you. Not only will this broaden your snack options, but it’ll make sure your drinks stay cold and refreshing too. Staying hydrated is a must, so bring plenty of water with you – more than you think you’ll need. As for food, that’s completely up to you, but great options to stash away in your car include things like cereal bars and energy bars. They’ll last a long time, and they’re great for filling you up.

Check Car Fluids

You’re not the only one that needs plenty fluid during the summer. Don’t forget to check if your car is running low on water while you’re still at home. When the engine is cold, lift up the bonnet of your car, secure it, and if the water level in the coolant reservoir has fallen below the minimum marking, top it up with tap water.

Coolant car check

While you’re there, you can also check the levels of your other engine oils and fluids too.

Bring Sunglasses

Don’t underestimate the power of the sun’s glare. Sunlight can be dazzling and obscure your vision, potentially putting you and driver’s around you in danger. Keep a pair of sunglasses and even a hat or sun visor in your glove box, and if the sun is still too bright, slow down or pull over for a break.

Check Your Air Conditioning and Car Fans

Cars can get hot, especially if you’re parking up and leaving them to bask in the sunshine for a while. We’re all too familiar with the wave of heat that hits as soon as you open the car door, and when things are hot inside, you’ll want to cool them down as quickly as possible.

Turning Up Car Air Conditioning

Air conditioning, or in-car fans, are key to keeping things comfortable and cool in the warmer months. If you haven’t switched yours on in a while, do a quick test to see that everything is working as it should before you set off on a summer adventure. If something is wrong, you might need to pick up a replacement part, or visit a garage to get them fixed.

Prevent Drowsiness

Warm weather has a habit of making you feel drowsy and sluggish, so make sure you have a bottle of water nearby to keep you refreshed and alert. If you suffer from allergies like hayfever, you’ll also need to be careful when taking medication. Some medication can cause drowsiness as a side-effect and should be avoided if you’ll be in front of the wheel.

Keeping your windows closed, and regularly replacing your pollen filters, can help to keep pollen and other irritants out of your car too.

Above everything, if you do start to feel tired and sluggish while driving in the hot weather, pull over and rest.

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