Wesley Wipes: Blade changing, DIY-style

Your wipers play an important role when it comes to keeping you safe on the road, especially in winter. During snowy showers, heavy downpours and slushy conditions, they are the key components that help keep your windscreen clean and free from dirt – so if yours are starting to wear a little thin, you should definitely think of replacing them sooner rather than later.

Interested to find out how to change your own wiper blades? Simply check out the steps below:

1. Start by lifting the wiper arm away from the windshield. Once placed in the air, put a chunky cloth over your windscreen  this will help to protect it should your wiper arms suddenly decide to slam back against your screen.

2. Your wiper blades and wiper arm are two separate components, and normally, the former is attached to the latter via the use of a small plastic clip. To remove the blade from the arm, press down on this clip and slide the blade away from the arm.

3. When it comes to popping your fresh new blades on, you might notice that one is longer than the other. This is because, due to the movements the wiper arm makes, one blade has a greater surface area to cover. On standard right-hand drive cars, the longer blade goes over the driver’s side, while the shorter arm sits in front of the passenger’s side.

4. Fitting the new blades couldn’t be simpler. Simply place the wiper blade back onto the arm, reversing the process you’ve just done to remove your old blades. Once they’re secure, you should hear a clicking sound.

5. If the arms are still safe and secure in the air, remove the cloth you’ve used to protect the windscreen and gently place your fresh new blades against the screen.

6. Ensure your wiper fluid is topped up and give your new wipers a quick test. Easy!

To find the right blades for your motor, simply enter your reg on the Euro Car Parts site, click on ‘wiper blades’ and we’ll show you a selection of blades to fit your car. Whether you’re after a quick, easy fix or something that might last a little longer, you’ll be sure to find the right product within our extensive range.