Wiper Blade Size Guide

Man Examining Car Wiper Blades

If you’ve noticed your wiper blades aren’t properly clearing rain and snow, or they’ve started to squeal or judder, it’s probably time for a replacement.  

Whether you’re a new driver, or you’ve just got a new car, finding the right size wiper blades can prove tricky. Join us as we run through our handy wiper blade size guide in more detail below.  

When Should I Replace My Wiper Blades?   

Wiper blades from reputable brands are generally built to last about a year, depending on both your mileage and how often you use them. For example – if you live somewhere prone to frequent rainfall, and you drive to work, your wiper blades may need replacing sooner than someone living somewhere hot, who works from home. 

How To Measure Wiper Blades  

Finding out the measurements of your existing wiper blades shouldn’t be too difficult, and there are several different ways you can go about this.  

  • You can pop out your wipers, and look for a marking which indicates what size it is – most blades are stamped with this information.  
  • If you can’t find any markings, you can check the length of your current wiper blades by hand with a tape measure.  
  • The type and size of wiper blades compatible with your car might also be listed in the vehicle manual.  
  • Lastly – the simplest way of getting this information is with the Euro Car Parts Fast Finder tool. Just enter your registration number, and we’ll show you all the products in this category suitable for your car.

Wiper Blade Sizes  

Are Windscreen Wipers One Size Fits All?  

There are some universal wiper blades on the market, but there’s also a huge range of specific sizes, designed to suit the variety of vehicles on the road – from minute Smart Cars to HGVs and everything in-between. Generally speaking, wiper blades run from about 9 inches right through to 32 inches, but you may find them measured in millimetres too.  

With that in mind, we’ve put together a simple conversion chart to help you find the right size. This isn’t an exact conversion, but rather indicates what size wiper blades in millimetres you should purchase, if your current windscreen wipers are marked in inches, and vice versa. Some numbers have been omitted, if wiper blades aren’t usually available in those measurements.  

Inches Millimetres
9” 230mm
10” 250mm
11” 280mm
12” 300mm
13” 330mm
14” 350mm
15” 380mm
16” 400mm
17” 430mm
18” 450mm
19” 480mm
20” 500mm
21” 530mm
22” 550mm
23” 580mm
24” 600mm
26” 660mm
27” 680mm
28” 700mm
30” 750mm
32” 813mm

Now you’re equipped with how to find out what wiper blade size your vehicle requires, you can easily pick up a set of replacements at Euro Car Parts. We stock over 130,000 products from industry-leading manufacturers, and with free click and collect from your local branch, or home or workplace delivery, ordering with us couldn’t be more convenient.   

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