Accessories & Fitting Kits

Brake Accessories

The brakes are one of the most important systems in a car, and proper maintenance is essential to keep them in good working order. Brake accessories are also available to give improved performance and reliability.

Such brake accessories include

brake pads

with greater durability and grip, calliper paint for improving the appearance of visible brakes, and brake discs suitable for extreme conditions.

Brake fluid

is an essential accessory, and must be replaced every couple of years to maintain the effectiveness of the braking system. Check online for a great range of brake accessories for any car.



Brake Fitting Kit


Brake fitting kits


contain all the parts needed for replacing


brake pads

, including clips, springs, pins and bolts.
Brakes need to be replaced when they become worn down, as without

brake pads

with plenty of grip the stopping power of the vehicle will be severely compromised. This is not only dangerous; it is also an instant cause for an MOT failure.

Brake fitting kits

for every make and model of car provide everything required to fit the brakes and ensure that they are in good working order.

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