Car Regulators Relays & Solenoids

Car Regulators Relays & Solenoids

Regulators, relays and solenoids are all components essential to maintaining, controlling and converting the electrical energy used to power your vehicle. Find quality replacements in our extensive range and keep your car safe, secure and reliable.
Your car regulator is responsible for safely limiting the voltage passing through the electrical system. Working in conjunction with the alternator, the car regulator permits enough voltage to charge your car battery while preventing surges that could potentially blow lights and cause short circuits.

Car relays are electromagnetic switches that connect and disconnect electrical circuits within a vehicle when required. Integral to the lighting and security of your car, reliable relays are vital.

The starter solenoid is just as important; converting the current from the battery and ignition switch before safely channeling it to your starter motor. If your car isn't starting reliably, then your starter solenoid may need replacing.

Regulators, relays and solenoids are all sensitive electrical devices that, due to the heat, dirt and vibration caused by the engine, can begin to malfunction over time. Find quality components for your car in our comprehensive range.
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