Switch & Sensors

Switch & Sensors

Cooling Fan Switch

If your engine cooling fan isn't kicking when the engine heats up and your coolant rises above the trigger temperature then you may have a faulty cooling fan switch.
Also known as the fan switch,

cooling fan switches

are actually temperature sensors that tell the electric fan when to blow and when to stop.
If you want your engine to enjoy a long and healthy life then make sure that you quickly replace an ineffective cooling fan switch. Search Eurocarparts.com, it will quickly turn up

cooling fan switches

for every make and model.

Cooling Fan Sensor

If your car is suffering overheating problems and you've identified that your cooling fan is not working properly then you may have a cooling fan sensor problem.
Whilst some cars have thermostatic switches to control the cooling fan, those with engine computer systems use

cooling fan sensors

. It's the job of the cooling fan sensor to identify the coolant temperature properly and start the cooling fan to protect the engine if the coolant is too hot. When the coolant is back down to a manageable temperature the sensor stops the fan.

Cooling fan sensors

for every type of car are readily available at Eurocarparts.com to replace broken or malfunctioning sensors.

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