Cylinder Heads

Cylinder Heads

The cylinder head is a vital part of the internal combustion engine, forming the top of the combustion chamber while providing essential inlets and outlets when the engine's running. Find the best replacement cylinder head for your engine in our quality range.
The cylinder head serves a multitude of important roles. Not only will a quality head seal the cylinder, it will also prevent foreign materials from entering and contaminating the combustion process.

Cylinders heads also incorporate ports vital to the operation of the engine. These ports simultaneously direct fuel and air through the inlet valves and channel exhaust gas away to the exhaust manifold, while also routing in antifreeze to keep the engine running at its optimum temperature.

Over time, the heat and dirt of the engine can begin to restrict or block these ports, which can cause the head itself to crack or warp. A defective cylinder head can have disastrous consequences and must be replaced as soon as a fault has been spotted.

Find the right cylinder head for your car below or call our experts for further support.
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