Drive Couplings & Universal Joints

Drive Couplings & Universal Joints

A drive coupling is the connection between two shafts that permits the driver shaft to drive the secondary shaft at the same speed. The aim is to achieve a compatible motion as the driveshafts rotate and avoid any differences in driveshaft speeds.

Drive couplings

are usually flexible which means that the radial, axial or angular movements of the two shafts work relative to each other and allow for variations in transmission speed. Euro Car Parts offers a great choice of quality

drive couplings

for any car.

Universal Joint


Universal joints

are couplings connecting two rotating shafts. For example they allow freedom of movement in directions at different angles while still transmitting rotary power.
Whilst the aim on the drive coupling is that each shaft drives at exactly the same speed,

universal joints

are designed to combat different angles, which can change the rate of rotation and cause violent vibration. This makes it possible for the driveshaft to move up and down safely as vehicles go over bumps.
There's great range of

universal joints

available at Euro Car Parts

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