Driving & Fog Lamps

Driving & Fog Lamps

Driving Lamps

Driving lamps are designed for when an extra powerful beam is required for night time driving. For most types of night driving in and around urban areas they would not be necessary, but if you have to drive lengthy distances in rural areas without street lighting then driving lamps would be a worthwhile safety investment.
As they are fitted externally, driving lamps for any car can be found provided the fittings and the body shape at the front of your car are compatible. A quality

driving lamp

would be a wise choice to guarantee quality.

Fog Lamp

A rear fog lamp is a legal requirement in most European countries. These high intensity lamps are only designed for use in poor visibility conditions such as fog or mist anytime and rain at night. If they are used during more normal driving conditions they give off too much of a glare and become a danger in themselves.

fog lamps

for any car can be bought as replacement for faulty ones or as an addition to the front or rear of the car. Show Less

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