Gearboxes & Linkages

Gearboxes & Linkages

Gear Box

It's your gearbox that enables the transfer of energy from your energy to the road surface through your wheels.


allow torque or transmission, produced by the car's engine, to optimise the engine speed for the road speed.
Even though the speed of the vehicle may change your gearbox is designed to keep the engine turning at maximum efficiency. If you are having gear box problems such as stiff crunching gears or loose slipping gears, then go online to find a wide range of gear boxes for every make and model.

Gearbox Linkage

If you're experiencing excessive 'play' in your gear stick then you may have a gear linkage problem. Moving your gear stick left and right or forwards and back transmits to the gearbox via two cables called the gearbox linkage.

Gear linkages

turn left to right movement of the stick into up and down movement of the input rod, which engages one of three selector shafts. One is first and second gear, one has third and fourth and the other fifth gear and reverse.
The gear linkage must be correctly aligned and all parts in good condition for the gearbox to work properly. Euro Car Parts offers a great choice of quality gear linkages for any car.

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