Locking Wheel Kits

Locking Wheel Kits

Car wheels are becoming an increasingly popular target for thieves who, armed with the right tools, can quickly and quietly leave you stranded. Keep your vehicle safe with a locking wheel kit and explore our range of quality anti-theft devices below.

Locking wheel kits incorporate ingenious anti-theft measures that can render the tools of an opportunist thief useless.

Coming in packs of four, so each wheel can be secured, locking nuts (or bolts, depending on the make and model of your vehicle) have rounded heads, which make them almost impossible to remove with a standard wrench. Instead, the nuts have a detailed and distinct shape cut into the head, which matches the profile of the included locking key.

This 'key' is actually a unique socket wrench adaptor that, when fitted, allows only the owner of the locking nuts and their matching key to remove any wheels.

More advanced locking nuts also come with a free-spinning outer ring that can hinder brute-force attempts at removal with power tools, keeping your wheels, as well as your peace of mind, safe and secure.

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