Tensioners Idlers & Dampers

Tensioners Idlers & Dampers

Belt Tensioner To ensure that the timing belt is operating at optimum tension at all times, a belt tensioner is needed. This rotating pulley prevents the belt from becoming slack and operating inefficiently or incorrectly. The tensioner may have to be adjusted manually during fitting though many, known as automatic tensioners, have springs which automatically adjust the tension.

Belt tensioners

for any car are an integral part of timing belt operation and should be replaced if wear and tear is spotted to prevent damage to the belt.

Drive Belt Idlers

The drive belt, or fan belt, provides power to ancillary systems within the car, such as the alternator, air conditioning and power steering.

Drive belt idlers

are required to prevent it from becoming loose and moving irregularly. These idler pulleys are an essential part of the setup. Each drive belt idler can become worn over time, becoming noisy and eventually producing a negative effect upon the drive belt. When replacing the drive belt it may also be necessary to replace the idler pulleys. Check online for a great range of

drive belt idlers

for any car. Timing Belt Damper The timing belt damper, or tensioner, works in conjunction with idler pulleys to maintain tension in the timing belt. Often fitted with a spring inside,

timing belt dampers

are an essential part of the belt system. The timing belt itself is responsible for ensuring that valves within the engine cylinders open and close at the right times. The timing belt tensioner prevents the belt from becoming loose and flapping freely.

Timing belt dampers

for any car can become worn over time and need to be replaced in order to keep the belt running smoothly.

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