Thermostat - Housings & Gaskets

Thermostat Housing

The thermostat housing is the essential covering designed to protect the thermostat and ensure that your car runs at a proper working temperature. At one end is the thermostat, which usually sits on the lower intake manifold. At the other end of the thermostat housing is the radiator top hose. Sometimes they can crack, corrode or the gaskets can leak.
If your thermostat housing is even slightly damaged it's important to replace it immediately as your engine can be easily damaged. There's a wide range of quality

thermostat housings

for any car readily available here at Euro Car Parts.

Thermostat Gasket

If your car is leaking coolant from the thermostat or thermostat housing then it's quite possible that you might need to replace your thermostat gasket.

Thermostat gaskets

are the small ring of rubber, sponge, metal, felt or cardboard used to tightly secure your thermostat and thermostat housing together. If the gasket has worn, the gasket cement cracked or the thermostat slipped and slid under the thermostat gasket, then it's time for a new one.
Our high quality

thermostat gaskets

will ensure the safest and most secure seal. Show Less

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