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Throttle Body Gasket & Repair Kits

Throttle Body Gasket & Repair Kits

The throttle body controls the engine's air intake by means of a regulating valve. We stock throttle bodies for all cars. If it's just maintenance that's required, our service kits contain all the information and parts needed to repair the damaged part.
When you press down on the accelerator pedal, air rushes into the throttle body. The amount of air that flows on into the engine is regulated by a butterfly valve called the throttle plate, which rotates and opens up the throttle passage to let in the right amount of air depending on how much acceleration is required. If the throttle body malfunctions you may notice your engine becoming sluggish, spluttering on acceleration or stalling due to an imbalance in the air-fuel ratio. Often the throttle body simply needs a clean or a service. You can do this yourself using a throttle body service kit, which will contain full instructions for use as well as all the parts you need. Components in the service kit include the vital gaskets and rubber O-rings required to fully seal all joints. If, however, your throttle body is beyond repair you will need a new one to keep the engine working efficiently. Show Less

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