Turbo Chargers

Turbo Chargers

As well as being the greener option, a turbocharged car will give you a more responsive drive while also being cheaper to run. To get the most out of this clever device, be sure to invest in a turbocharger of the highest quality.

A turbocharger is a mechanically complex invention. It comprises two fans, attached to either end of a metal shaft, and a compression chamber for gases. The hot exhaust gas from the cylinders drives one of the fans (the turbine), which in turn spins the second fan (the compressor). The compressor forces extra air into the engine's cylinders (drawn from the car's air intake). To make the system more efficient, the hot air emitted from the compressor is cooled by a heat exchanger to increase its density before it enters the cylinders, resulting in a faster fuel-combustion rate. This is what generates the extra power for the car's drive.

The magic of the turbocharging system is that all the extra power is recycled power - it is generated by its own exhaust gases - so it comes at no extra running cost.

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