How to Stop Your Wipers from Squeaking

Clearing The Car Windscreen

Any unusual noise coming from your car should always be investigated, as it could be a sign there’s something wrong. This also includes squeaky wiper blades, which are a crucial safety feature of your vehicle and should always be kept in working order. So if you start to hear yours squeak, follow our guidance below to assess and fix the problem.    

Why Do Windscreen Wipers Squeak?  

There are several reasons why windscreen wipers squeak and you should check them as soon as you can, to ensure the safety of you, your passengers, and your car. When you inspect your wipers, you should check for the following issues. 

Dirty Blades

Dirt can build up on your wiper blades, particularly in the wetter months, which could cause your blades to squeak when they flex across your windscreen. You should regularly check your wiper blades for dirt and debris and give them a careful clean. We explain how to do this in more detail below.  

No Screenwash

If you’ve run out of screenwash your wipers will be running across a dry windscreen, causing a squeaking sound. Screenwash is vital to keeping your windscreen clean when you’re driving, so you should check the levels often. Simply top up with ready mixed car screenwash or concentrated screenwash if you notice it’s low.  

Dirty Windscreen 

This is a surprisingly common cause of squeaky wipers, as any debris on the glass will be smeared across it when you activate your wipers. It’s important to keep your windscreen clear of any dirt or debris, not only to keep your wipers healthy, but to create a safe driving environment. Give your windscreen a thorough wash using windscreen cleaner and a sponge, before rinsing.  

Installed Incorrectly

If you recently installed new wiper blades or a full wiper arm mechanic, there’s a possibility they’re not installed correctly. If so, this could cause your wipers to squeak when in use. In this case, you’ll need to remove the component and reinstall it. If you prefer, you could take it to your local garage to be professionally installed.  

Over Or Under Use

If you over or under use your wiper blades, it causes them to become brittle. In this instance, you’ll need to replace the wiper blade and make sure you maintain an even level of use in future to avoid the problem happening again.  


Finally, your wipers could have a manufacturing defect. While this is a rare occurrence, it’s something to look out for if you can’t identify any of the issues above. If you think there’s a defect, you’ll need to contact the retailer you purchased the wipers from or the manufacturer.  

How To Stop Squeaking Windscreen Wipers 

It can be difficult to identify the cause of the squeaking, so one way to eliminate the possibilities – and potentially stop the noise all together – is to perform the below steps. These are things you should look to do regularly anyway to maintain healthy wipers and ultimately a safety vehicle.  

Clean Your Wipers

It’s quick and easy to clean your wiper blades and could potentially save you money if you don’t need to replace any parts. All you need is some hot, soapy water, followed by some surgical spirit. For help cleaning your wipes, read our easy guide: How to Clean Your Windscreen Wipers.  

Soften Your Blades

As mentioned above, over or under use of your wipers can cause them to become brittle. That’s why it’s good practice to maintain their softness throughout the year. You can keep them soft by gently cleaning them with rubbing alcohol using a cloth. 

Fit New Rubber Blades

You should look to change your wiper rubber blades annually due to general wear and tear. If you haven’t done this in in a while, it may be the cause of the squeak.  

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