Must-Have Gear for Keen Campers

Young couple setting up a tent

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve all been spending more time inside the same four walls. Regardless of whether you’ve been working from home, shielding or just living through lockdown, it’s been tough for us all. Now that summer’s here, and restrictions are easing, it’s the perfect time to go camping and enjoy the great outdoors. Spending time in nature is reported to have a calming presence on your life, reducing stress and tension. So, after this trying time, we think that heading out on the road for a UK camping holiday seems the perfect way to relax this summer. 

We know that there’s loads to stick in the car when you’re packing for a getaway, so we’ve put together a list of must-have gear to help make sure your trip is a success.

Comfortable Camping Accessories

If you go camping in the UK, there’s no guarantees on the weather, but you can always pack accessories to keep you comfortable.  

When you’re sitting outside your tent,  enjoying the view, we know that you don’t want to be perched on the wet ground. So with that in mind make sure to pack a Redwood Canvas Chair, which has a cup-holder on the arm for convenience. You can also enjoy a layer of comfort while sitting on the Redwood Fleece Picnic Travelling Rug, which uses its waterproof back to provide you with a dry base, even if the ground beneath is damp.

In your tent, you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible, and the Redwood Travelling Rug can provide a soft surface to sleep on. Meanwhile, the Redwood Double Sleeping Bag is great for when you want to turn in for the night. 

Torches and Camping Lamps

When it comes to camping essentials, torches and lights are among the most vital pieces of kit to bring with you on holiday. Moonlight and the stars offer a nice glow, but there is nothing that beats a proper beam of light if you need to find something after dark.

On a collective level, it’s useful to have a powerful and energy-efficient light set up when you’re camping, so that when night falls everyone can still see. For widespread light, the Streetwize Rechargable SMD LED Camping Lantern and the amtech 15 LED Hurricane Lamp are both capable lightweight options. 

It’s also essential to remember to pack a personal torch, and there’s a wide selection of styles and sizes to choose from, depending on your preferences and budget.

If you want a convenient hand-held torch, then opt for an amtech 9 LED Mini or an amtech 3W Cob LED Mini, which are both small enough to sit in the palm of your hand. An alternative is to go hands-free and pick out a head torch, such as the amtech 32 LED Ultra Bright Head Light to help guide your way to the shower block after sunset.

Camping Tools

When you’re staying out in nature, it’s always a good idea to take tools with you. This can range from something that fits in your pocket to a bigger bit of kit that you keep at camp.

A JML TacTool 18 in 1 is a penknife with a difference – it’s made from military-grade materials and despite its size, offers a choice of 18 tools, including a hammer, two saws, a knife and a bottle opener.

For something more heavy-duty, there’s the Sealey Multi-Tool and Twin Blade Knife Set 2 Piece, which offers you the choice of 15 different options, including a can opener, a fish scaler and a fine edge blade. And for chopping wood for a camp fire or BBQ, don’t forget to pack the amtech 24OZ Hand Axe.

Cycle and Camp

If you’re heading off into the countryside, why not pack your bikes? It’s a great way of exploring your world once you’ve set up camp, and you can plan some great days out in the saddle. The UK has some brilliant off-road trails for mountain bikers, while our countryside has plenty of quiet country lanes to pedal along. Plus, taking your bike with you on your camping trip is stress-free if you use a cycle carrier.

A set of roofbars, make it straight forward to attach bikes to the roof of your car. The most budget-friendly choice is the Menabo Top Bike Roof Mounted Cycle Carrier, which features a robust steel frame, while the Menabo Juza Roof Mounted Bike Carrier provides a more light-weight option.

Make the most of your tow bar and attach a bike rack to it. If you’re only taking one bike, then we recommend a Pro-User Towing Ball Bike Carrier Amber I. Meanwhile, you can accommodate four of the family’s bikes thanks to the Menabo Towing Ball Bike Carrier ALCOR.

You can also fit your bikes to the rear of your car just by using retaining straps, thanks to both the Menabo Mistral Rear Mounted 3 Cycle Carrier and the Maypole Rear Mounted 2 Bike Carrier.

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