The Ultimate Staycation Guide

Twin Sisters Car Ride On Summer Trip

From the remote landscape of the Scottish Highlands to the idyllic Cornish coast, the possibilities are endless with a British staycation. And to help you get prepared for your adventures, we’ve put together a guide to make sure that you’ve checked and packed all the essentials before you leave, so you can enjoy your journey and make the most of your time away.

Checks Before A Long Drive

1) Check The Tyre Pressure

First things first, be sure to give your tyres a thorough check before you set off on your trip. Your tyre pressure is not only key to how smooth your journey will be, but can also impact on your fuel consumption. Look in your car’s manual to find the optimal pressure levels, it will vary for front and back tyres, and you can test and modify the pressure at your local petrol station, or at home with a pressure gauge.  

2) Top Up Your Screen Wash

Keep your windscreen spotless on your staycation by topping up your screen wash. In order to fill up your car’s washer bottle, you can either find it in your vehicle’s handbook or by looking under the bonnet. You might be able to spot the cap, which will either be blue, white or black, and will have a graphic of a windscreen with water droplets on it. Every car has a different screen wash capacity, so check your handbook for guidance before topping up the fluid. 

3) Add Extra Space

When you’re packing for your staycation, remember that you can always add more storage space to your car. So, if you’d like to go cycling while you’re away, fit a bike rack to your motor. A roof box can always come in handy when you’ve run out of room inside the car because you’ve got too much luggage, or if you’re intending on taking your dog in the car with you.

Man Packing Roof Box On Holiday

4) Pack The Essential Car Kit

Fill up your fuel tank in advance before you take to the road – the last thing you’ll want to do is slow your journey by stopping early. Plan your route in advance if you’re visiting somewhere unfamiliar, and scout out whether there are any road closures planned, so that you can redirect yourself if needs be. When you’re preparing your glovebox before you depart, it’s always a good idea to pack some essentials, such as a torch, a first aid kit  and a mobile phone charger.

Roadtrip Essentials

5) Pack In-Car Entertainment

There’s nothing worse than a long journey with the rest of the family asking ‘are we there yet?’, so it’s key to keep your passengers busy while you’re on the road. Occupy the kids with some in-car entertainment, or stick on an audiobook or podcast to keep you focused. Pack plenty of refreshments in a cool bag to keep spirits high as you clock up the miles, and make sure you take plenty of breaks to stretch your legs. 

Girl Using Tablet In Car On Roadtrip

6) Bring Road Safety Equipment

Stay on the quickest course to your destination with a sat nav or even by using a trusty A-Z travel map. Meanwhile, a dashcam will take a complete record of all your time travelling, and any footage captured if you’re involved in an accident can be used as evidence for submitting an insurance claim. It’s also a good idea to have a tyre repair kit stowed away in the boot of your car, you never know when you might need to pull over and patch up a puncture.  

Best Staycation Accessories

7) Camping Essentials

Make the most of the freedom of pitching up your tent and sleeping under the stars in the UK this summer. Camping is all about spending time in nature, and there’s plenty of essentials to pack to help you stay comfortable while you’re on holiday. Foldable camping chairs are easy to stow in the car, and are perfect for sitting in while your at camp. Meanwhile, when night comes, make sure your pitch is well lit with plenty of lanterns, and it’s also sensible to have your personal torch just so you can see while you’re inside your tent or unpacking your sleeping bag.      

8) Go Wild

Enjoy the UK’s great outdoors on your staycation. There’s an array of landscapes to explore, providing plenty of opportunities to try a new activity if one takes your fancy. Take to the mountains to hike, or make the most of our thousands of miles of waterways. Don’t forget to pack your walking shoes, wetsuits, kayaks, bikes, climbing ropes and all the rest of the outdoor equipment you might need.

Man Taking Bike Off Car Roof Rack

9) Pet Accessories

If you’ve decided to take a pet-friendly holiday this summer, then don’t forget your dog’s favourite possessions. They’ll want to feel settled, so bring along some toys and a blanket to help them get comfortable. And when it comes to taking a walk, have a retractable lead or a harness to hand, so that you’re ready to go. 

10) Always Be Prepared

A holiday doesn’t have to be stationary, and we know that some of you will be wanting to see the best of what the UK has to offer. There are many fantastic drives to factor into your holiday, and it’s important to pack for your summer driving. If you’re clocking up the miles, then keep a rug in the car for picnics.

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