The Best In-Car Entertainment for Long Drives

Family Road Trip

Staycations are all the rage this year – and whether you’re heading to the coast for a family holiday, driving a group of friends to a campsite or taking a road trip alone, long journeys can get a little tiresome. That’s why we’ve put together a compilation of ways to stay (safely) entertained in the car this summer – with everything from family-friendly car games to the best in-car entertainment systems on offer. Take a look below for our best tips and recommendations; you’ll never be bored on the backseat again!

Car Stereos

You might be into true crime podcasts, local radio shows or maybe you just want to blast your favourite playlist on the motorway – whatever your tastes, a reliable car stereo is a must-have for any long journey.

At Euro Car Parts, we’ve got a stereo system to suit every budget. If you prefer keeping a wallet of CDs in your car, opt for something simple and affordable, like a CD and radio receiver – many of these will also have a standard 3.5mm headphone socket, so you can connect your smartphone via a jack lead, and stream your music or podcasts too.

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated setup, and you don’t mind spending a little more, why not invest in a touchscreen digital radio? Our selection of Pioneer Double Din Head Units are all smartphone-compatible, and able to run a variety of different apps directly from your phone – including handy features like maps, music and calls. Just connect via Bluetooth or use the right cable for your specific handset.

Easy Car Games

When your other passengers start to get restless, they can be even more distracting, so it’s always worth having a few good car games up your sleeve. Here are some suggestions:

Family-Friendly Games

I Spy: an old favourite. To make it more interesting, try and think of things a little outside the box – but make sure you don’t drive past them, so the players have plenty of time to guess.

Registration Plate Game: ask your little ones to look out for each of the letters in the alphabet, in order from A-Z. Once they’re done, you could get the spot the numbers 1 – 999 in order to keep it going a little longer.

Memory Game: we’ve all played it – ‘I went on holiday and in my suitcase, I packed…’. See how many items you can get to before you start forgetting!

Games for Grownups

Guess the Year: Put a local radio station on, and try to guess the year each song that plays was released! Whoever’s closest wins.

20 Questions – Celebrity Edition: just like the traditional version, but this time you’ve got 20 chances to figure out which celebrity the main player is thinking of.

Video Entertainment

The simplest way to keep your passengers quiet for long periods, video entertainment is a foolproof companion for a big trip. If you’ve got kids, in-car DVD players are ideal – as you can choose and monitor what they watch, but they’re great for adults keen to catch up on boxsets too.

If you’re working with a smaller budget, there are some cheaper alternatives to in-car DVD players that are worth considering. Euro Car Parts has a wide range of back seat organisers in stock, and many of them feature a touchscreen friendly pouch, ideal for tablet users. Just slip your device into the clear pocket, choose your favourite shows and start watching!

Other In-Car Entertainment Essentials

Once you’ve got your stereo sorted, there are plenty of other fun gadgets which can make long journeys both safer and more enjoyable. Dash cams are increasingly popular, and they’re an excellent way to see how other drivers behave on the road, as well as keep an eye on any bad driving habits you might be developing.

If the sound system in your car isn’t quite up to scratch, you could opt for some additional car speakers before you take your next trip – good sound quality can make all the difference. Can’t connect your smartphone to your stereo? Don’t forget – we’ve got cables, chargers and adapters to suit every possible make and model, so you can plug in, turn it up and get going.