Restore Power To An Old Engine

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Restoring power to an old engine can it be done? We think it can, restoring some power back to an engine new or old. When you break it down, the performance comes down to how well the car has been maintained throughout its life.

The most common myth among car enthusiasts is that a car loses 1 BHP per year. So we have found a select few products which could improve your car’s overall performance and possibly increase the BHP. Even if you don’t see an increase in your car’s BHP, these products will definitely help keep your engine in tip top shape.

Redex Petrol & Redex Diesel (Fuel System Cleaner)

The Redex fuel system cleaner offers a wide range of benefits for your car. By adding Redex to your car after fuelling up, it cleans the fuel system, reduces the level of emissions your vehicle puts out, restores performance and improves the life and longevity of your engine overall. One thing to note is that Redex generally works better on older systems.

Engine Oil & Oil Filters

Regular oil changes are necessary to ensure the car internals are lubricated and helps maintain your car engine’s life span. When carrying out an oil change you will require two things; a new oil filter which fits your specific car and secondly the correct grade oil for your car’s engine. Replacing the oil filter, draining out the old engine oil, then replacing it with new fresh oil, will help keep your car’s engine running smoothly.

Spark Plugs/Glow Plugs & Ignition Leads

Generally if your car’s engine misfires, this is one of the first symptoms that indicates there is problem with your engine’s spark plugs or glow plugs.

Spark Plugs = Petrol Engines

Glow Plugs = Diesel Engines

Changing spark plugs or glow plugs is important. These should be changed regularly as it ensures that the car’s engine is at top efficiency and performance. For petrol engines the spark plugs should be changed at least once a year or with a full service. Glow plugs on the other hand ideally should be changed every 12000 miles. However it’s also important to note that changing intervals for spark and glow plugs can depend on the age of the vehicle.  

Ignition Leads & Coil Packs

If you do go ahead and change the spark/glow plugs in your car’s engine it would be well worth changing the ignition leads while you are at it. They both go hand in hand, as the ignition leads carry the spark to the engine. One thing to also note, older cars generally have ignition leads, whereas newer cars now have coil packs.

Now if your current vehicle new or old has reached roughly 90-100 thousand miles on the clock and to your knowledge you are unaware if the ignition lead/coil pack have ever been changed previously, then it would definitely benefit the engine if you went ahead and replaced it.

Click the link below to see the video from Fifth Gear experimenting on a old Volkswagen Corrado VR6 and restoring the car’s original BHP it had when it left the factory.

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