Ignition Coil

Ignition Coil

A number of issues including backfiring, problems starting, a jerky ride or worsening fuel economy may be attributed to the failure of an ignition coil. If this sounds familiar, find the replacement you need at Euro Car Parts today.

An ignition coil is a high-voltage, low-current transformer located in the car's ignition system. Its job is to convert the battery's 12 volts to the 20 or 30 thousand volts required to send a surge of electricity to the spark plugs to initiate fuel combustion.

There are a few causes of failure. If your spark plugs are worn out the ignition coils have to increase their output, which can result in failure. What's more, the ignition coil's internal insulation could become damaged, leading to failure of the ECU (control unit) that controls it.

In the event of an ignition coil failure, it is advisable to replace the whole set rather than just the one that has failed. Because they have all undergone the same usage, if one fails the rest are likely to follow. It's wise to invest in the best quality ignition coils available - we provide high-quality products at great prices.

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