What Are Car Bushes?

Car Independent Suspension System

Car bushes – also known as ‘bushings’ – are small protective cushions fitted to various parts of the suspension system. These washers are vital to your car’s performance, as they absorb shocks caused by bumps and dips in the road, making for a smoother journey, preventing friction and reducing noise.  

While they’re crucial in the suspension system, bushes are also fitted on several other components within a standard vehicle, including the following:  

  • Control arms  
  • Suspension joints 
  • Ball joints  
  • Tie rods  
  • Shock absorbers  
  • Strut mounts  
  • Stabiliser bars 
  • Chassis connection points 

What Are Bushes On A Car Made Of? 

Designed to be both tough and flexible enough to cause a dampening effect, car bushes are usually made of resilient materials like rubber or polyurethane. Some bushings are solid all the way through, while others are hollow and filled with oil, or moulded to be harder on one side.  

Suspension Bushing Bush

How Long Do Bushings On A Car Last?  

Most car bushings are likely to last somewhere between 75,000 and 100,000 miles, as exposure to the elements causes them to gradually shrink and crack. That said, this lifespan will vary in line with your driving style, as well as the type of terrain you cover. For example, if you drive your car predominantly on well-surfaced roads, the suspension bushes will last longer, whereas bumpy roads will cause them to wear out more quickly.  

Signs That Your Car Bushes Need Replacing   

If you’re not sure whether the bushings in your car are still working, there are several symptoms you can look out for which may indicate they need replacing. Here are the key signs:  

  • A rattling noise when driving over gravel or uneven roads  
  • Shuddering or trembling from the front of the car  
  • Trouble handling the steering, or a loose-feeling steering wheel  
  • A clunking sound when you brake, or make especially sharp turns 

What Happens When Bushes On A Car Wear Out?  

As well as contributing to a noisy or uncomfortable driving experience, worn bushes can actually be dangerous, as they can directly impact your ability to steer. Bushes also protect the joints in your car by preventing metal on metal contact, so when they wear out, these parts can grind together or even snap.  

This kind of damage can pose a significant threat to both you and other drivers on the road, and cause further costly damage to your vehicle, which could have been avoided with replacement bushes.  

Car Bushes at Euro Car Parts 

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