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Shock Absorbers

Shock Absorbers

If you’ve ever wondered about how your cars wheels stay tight to the road, even when you go over large bumps, then that’ll be down to the shock absorber. Its primary focus is to work as part of the suspension system to ensure that you go in a straight line and to iron out the unevenness for a smooth and comfortable journey.
The shock absorber, as the name suggests, stops the car from bouncing and moving around when you don’t want it to. If the car feels as though it is not handling as well as it once should and you are arriving at your destination having felt every single stone along the way, then your shock absorbers may need to be replaced.
They are located close to the wheels and do take a great deal of strain over the years, resulting in various levels of wear and tear. On other occasions they may not be the best shock absorbers for your make and model and it may be worth looking into absorbers that are better suited for your needs.
Euro Car Parts have experts available to provide advice on the best shock absorbers for your car with competitive pricing and free shipping across the UK, enabling you to improve the all-round comfort, performance and handling quickly and easily. Show Less

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