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Car Engine Pulleys

About Car Engine Pulleys

Car engine pulleys allow the internal combustion system to transfer energy to different parts of your car. Without these pulleys, your car could not function properly. To enhance and maintain your car’s performance, buy high quality replacements from

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Your engine will have a crankshaft pulley, an idler and/or tensioning pulley, and a few others. Serpentine belts receive energy from the crankshaft pulley, which they then transfer to your power steering, air conditioning, water pump and alternator. If your engine or any of your car’s accessories are not working as they should and you hear screeching noises coming from the engine bay, you should replace one or more pulleys. Because the pulley system is vital to your car’s ability to run, worn or low quality examples could make your car less efficient. Find the best replacement pulleys for your engine here at Euro Car Parts.