Exhaust Gasket and Exhaust Clamp

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Exhaust Gasket and Exhaust Clamp

About Exhaust Gasket and Exhaust Clamp

Exhaust gaskets and exhaust clamps are often overlooked when it comes to basic car maintenance, despite the fact that they play an important role in the safety and performance of your vehicle. Find an exhaust or clamp for your vehicle in our range below.

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The exhaust gasket, sometimes called a donut gasket, is a ringed fire-resistant device used to stop the leaking of exhaust by creating a seal between the surface of the exhaust manifold and the surface of the cylinder head. Because temperature fluctuation in the car’s engine causes the gasket materials to expand and contract, the gasket may eventually work loose and start to leak. Hot exhaust gases would then seep into the engine compartment, possibly damaging vital components and reducing engine performance – not to mention being a potential fire hazard. The job of the exhaust clamp is to lock together different sections of exhaust pipe to ensure that harmful exhaust fumes do not leak out. It can be one of several designs, including a U clamp (the most common type), band clamp, V-band clamp, lap band clamp, hanger clamp or narrow band clamp. If a clamp breaks or becomes worn the pipes it is securing could come apart, allowing toxic fumes to escape.