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FAE, also known as Francisco Albero S.A.U. is a Spanish parts manufacturer that specialises in auto-electrical components and products. Based in Barcelona, it's been producing car parts since 1952, but are also heavily involved with research and development, producing new and technologically advanced parts.\n Read More
The manufacturer is a trailblazer when it comes to sensing technology and the associated switches, producing sensors that measure oil temperature, coolant level, wheel speed and exhaust gas pressure, among many others. Its products can reduce fuel consumption, cut emissions and make sure a small problem doesn't balloon into a more expensive one.If you're in need of a car part, from sensors and switches, to ignition coils and glow plugs, check out Euro Car Parts' range of FAE products. Available from our network of stores around the country via our click and collect and free delivery options, they're ready and waiting to provide a reliable, lasting solution to your automotive needs.

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