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Propshafts & Components

About Propshafts & Components

Running along the underside of your car, the propshaft delivers engine power to the wheels via the transmission system. Several components keep the propshaft securely flexible and correctly aligned. Superior propshafts and components are available at for all makes and models.

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Short for ‘propeller shaft’, the propshaft is a rotating metal tube used in a rear-wheel-drive car to transmit torque and rotation to the rear axle (equivalent to the driveshaft in a front-wheel-drive car). It runs from the gearbox to the differential along almost the entire underside of your vehicle and is constructed as either one or two interconnecting pieces. It needs to remain securely attached whilst accommodating variable movement during the inevitable twisting and vibrating of normal driving. Being such a large part and located so close to the ground, the propshaft is prone to wear and tear and should be replaced if it is beyond repair.