Suspension Spheres

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Suspension Spheres

About Suspension Spheres

Suspension spheres can help your car deliver a smoother ride by absorbing the worst of a bumpy road. If you need to replace your suspension spheres, find the exact part you need at Euro Car Parts.

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Suspension spheres are hydraulic units, a little like balloons containing pressurised nitrogen gas. Often used in the hydropneumatic suspension system developed by Citroen, they help improve the handling and ride comfort of cars they’re installed in. The gas acts as a springing mechanism, while the hydraulic fluid does the heavy lifting. Over time, suspension spheres can be worn out, especially if you regularly drive on bumpy roads. If your car pitches to the side on corners, it could indicate that one or more of your suspension spheres needs to be replaced. Find suspension spheres for a variety of different makes and models of car at Euro Car Parts. Thanks to our relationships with premium manufacturers all over the world, we can offer original equipment and top-quality aftermarket products at amazing prices – pop in to one of our locations and get a great deal today.