Hoses & Pipes

Brake Hose

The brake hose is an integral part of the braking system and is used to transmit brake fluid under hydraulic pressure from the brake pipe to the callipers. This pressure then forces the callipers together, clamping the brake pads around the disc mounted on the wheel.

brake hoses

, also known as brake lines, consist of flexible rubber pipes. They are manufactured from reinforced rubber which, is impervious to oils and fluids and must be able to withstand extremely high pressures which the braking system generates.

brake hoses

are subjected to regular hydraulic movement as well as the outside environment, and the rubber can perish over time. It is advisable to replace broken hoses with quality brake hose. A structurally sound hose is essential for safe braking and comes under close scrutiny during the MOT.

Brake Pipe

The brake pipe is a rigid pipe usually made of steel, and carries pressurised brake fluid from the master cylinder to the

brake hoses

. Steel or copper

brake pipes

form the main network of pipes supplying brake fluid to all the brake components. This fluid then acts on the callipers to force the brake pads to clamp the disc and bring the vehicle to a stop.
Complete structural integrity of the brake pipe is essential for safe operation of the hydraulic brakes. As

brake pipes

are made of metal they can become subject to rust and other corrosion, resulting in an MOT failure. To prevent failure, replace with quality

brake pipes

, which are readily available at Eurocarparts.com.

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