0W40 Engine Oil

Buy 0W40 engine oil from top brands like Shell, Castrol and Mobil at Euro Car Parts. Engine oil is a vitally important part of your car's wellbeing, and neglecting it runs the risk of damage and wear. Find the engine oil your car needs with our online tool.
Engine oil plays a simple but crucially important role in your car: it keeps all the moving parts from grinding against one another, generating heat and friction that can wear them out before their time.
0W50 engine oil tends to be used in high-displacement engines, such as those often seen in sports and racing cars. It offers great starting performance in cold temperatures, but can still do its job effectively when the engine heats up, even for sustained periods of time.
This kind of oil is usually synthetic rather than mineral, meaning it has been carefully developed in a lab to ensure it meets the needs of a high-performance engine. It will also normally contain additives like dispersants, corrosion inhibitors and detergents that help protect it.
Letting your oil get too low, too dirty, or using the wrong kind of oil can have serious consequences for your engine. Make sure you check the owner's manual for the recommended oil grade for your engine, then come to Euro Car Parts where we stock only the best from brands like Shell, Mobil and Castrol. Show Less

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