2 Stroke Oil

2 Stroke Oil

Keep two-stroke engines lubricated and in top working condition with two-stroke oil from trusted manufacturers. Euro Car Parts offers a huge range of engine oils at low prices.

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Often found in garden implements like lawnmowers and chainsaws, as well as mopeds, jet skis and outboard motors, two-stroke engines have a variety of uses. As two-stroke engines work quite differently from four-stroke engines, they need a special type of oil to keep them working. Two-stroke oil is designed to mix with the fuel itself and burn along with it, as well as performing oil’s usual job of keeping the engines moving parts lubricated and cool. It also helps to keep out moisture and prevent rust when the engine isn’t running. It’s vital to use the right kind of oil in any engine: if you’re unsure, refer to the item or vehicle’s handbook to see what they recommend. Euro Car Parts stocks a huge variety of oils for all different types of engines, so take a look at our range and find the oil you need at a great price.