Roof Bars, Boxes And Bike Racks: How To Choose The Right Car Storage

External Car Storage Illustration

When you’re loading up the car for a day trip or staycation, the biggest challenge is often trying to find room for everything. While there are crafty and creative ways of getting the most out of the internal space, eventually we all reach a limit. This is when adding external storage can be a game changer, helping you to maximise vehicle space. We’ve created a short guide to buying car storage and the benefits of the different options on the market.

A Guide To Roof Bars


The roof of your car is one of the most practical and versatile places for transporting any luggage that won’t fit inside. If you opt to use your roof for storage, then you should first install roof bars. These can then be used to attach a roof box, roof tray or bike rack.

Roof bars are available for vehicles of all shapes and sizes, so you should check to see which are compatible with your vehicle. Some cars come with factory-installed roof rails, which will require specific roof bars, too. Use our specialist ‘what roof bars fit my car’ tools to discover which bars are compatible with cars with roof rails and those without rails

Before you attach roof bars to your car’s roof, check the weight limit and cross reference that with your car’s maximum load. This information is available in your vehicle’s handbook and should be considered whenever you’re loading up your car.

Roof bars are available to suit a range of budgets, each providing different designs or characterisations. If you’re looking for an aerodynamic, light-weight roof bar, then choosing aluminium is the lightest, most fuel-efficient option. Meanwhile, a square steel bar provides a strong, durable choice that’s long-lasting.

Choose The Best Roof Box

Man Packing Roof Box On Holiday

Once you’ve installed roof bars on your car, it’s time to look at what you can attach to them. You can use them to transport a wide range of large objects, such as strapping a surfboard to them for when you’re heading off to catch some waves. Or, if you’re heading further afield and need to take some extra luggage, a roof box is ideal.

Roof boxes are weatherproof, so your possessions will survive if the heavens suddenly open while you’re en route. They come in a selection of sizes and weights, making it easy to pick one that will be suitable for your car.

Once you’ve invested in a roof box, it’ll revolutionise your road trips and you’ll have greater confidence in yourself to fit that final suitcase in. Remember to remove it when you aren’t using it, because it can lower your fuel efficiency due to its added weight and through making your car less aerodynamic.

Pick Your Bike Rack


Heading on a cycling holiday or needing to take your bike into the shop to get serviced? There’s always space for your two-wheeler, regardless of how small or packed up your vehicle is. There are three ways to externally transport your bike using a cycle carrier:

1. Roof bar bike racks – If you have roof bars, then you can attach a bike rack to your roof. This approach to carrying your bikes will help spread the load across the car. A roof-mounted bike rack is lightweight, can be securely attached to all roof bars, and provides an easy way to clear valuable space inside your car.

2. Rear-mounted bike racks – Don’t worry if you haven’t attached roof bars to your vehicle, you can fit a rack to the rear of your car. These rear-mounted racks are often held in place by reinforced straps and use large foam padded panels to protect your paintwork. They’re compatible with the majority of vehicles, but before buying one, check that it’s suitable for your car.

3. Tow bar bike racks – The final cycle carrier option is one that allows you to transport an electric bike, which is considerably heavier than other bicycles. It also gives you the option to take more bikes (depending on your vehicle’s load limit). By using a tow bar to carry the rack, you will keep the bikes evenly balanced and at a safe distance from your paintwork.If you don’t have a towbar on your car already and would like to use this type of bike rack, enter your car’s details into our handy tow bar tool to find out what’s compatible with your vehicle.


With all these great storage options, there’s no need to worry about lack of space, no matter what car you have. Here at Euro Car Parts, we provide free next day delivery and a click and collect service, so you can pick up car storage quickly in preparation for your next road trip.