Swimming Pools Buyers Guide

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Whether you’re hosting a BBQ with friends or throwing a pool party for the kids, swimming pools offer plenty of fun for the whole family, especially during a hot summer’s day. In this handy guide, we reveal everything you need to know about swimming pools, pool accessories and offer some advice to help you find your perfect pool. 

Which Pool Type to Choose

There’s a wide range of pools on the market, here’s a short summary of all the different types available:

Paddling Pools

These contain only a shallow depth of water, allowing children, babies, and pets to safely play in them – with adults supervising, of course. Traditionally, paddling pools are inflatable, which makes them cost-effective and easy to install.


Inflatable pools can come in all shapes and sizes. One benefit of inflatable pools is that if you’ve enough garden space, then you can set up the pool wherever you like. Plus, when winter comes back around, you can easily deflate your pool and then store it away until next summer. 

Metal Framed Above Ground

Most metal framed above ground pools are made from steel, which provides users with a sturdier shape and design. This type of pool also uses a combination of aluminium and zinc, meaning it has an excellent lifespan of between 5-10 years.

Metal Walled

As the name suggests, this swimming pool uses a metal wall, usually made from steel, as its main structure. Again, this provides you with a more durable pool and makes it less likely to sag or droop over time. In comparison to an inflatable pool, metal walled pools can be made on a much larger scale, as they have the structural integrity to hold gallons of water.

Which Pool Size to Choose

When it comes to deciding the size of your pool, there are more factors to consider than you might think. Firstly, it’s worth bearing in mind how much space the pool is going to take up in your garden. Ultimately, you should look to purchase a swimming pool that fits within the size of your garden comfortably.

Make sure you consider the maximum number of people you’d like to use your swimming pool. For instance, if you’re planning inviting friends round, then you may be interested in something slightly larger and more accommodating to prevent overcrowding.

Finally, you should consider storing your pool over the winter months. Whether you plan to keep your pool and accessories in a shed, garage, outbuilding, or leaving it up year-round, ensure you check the storage space you have available.

What Are The Types of Pool Filters

A filter is essential in swimming pools that hold larger volumes of water to keep the water clean, clear and properly sanitised. If you are unsure which pool filter is right for your pool, take a look at the most popular filter systems and their benefits below.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters use a cloth-like material to filter your swimming pool water. Thanks to its ability to catch even the finest of debris, pool owners can expect huge improvements in efficiency and performance. Cartridge filters are simple to replace too – saving you plenty of time on maintenance.

It is suggested that the cartridges themselves should be replaced every two to four years, though this will depend on how frequently it’s used. For maximum efficiency in the summer, replace filter cartridge every two weeks.

Sand Filters

Easy-to-use, low-maintenance, and effective, sand filters are a popular choice amongst pool owners. They operate by using sand in the filter system to catch any dirt and debris that is pumped through, therefore purifying the water before it returns into the pool.

Sock Filters

Useful, simple, and inexpensive, sock filters work by using an elasticated nylon bag that stretches over the skimmer basket. The ultra-fine material used to design sock filters makes it perfect for capturing hair, leaves, insects, and pollen.

How To Heat A Swimming Pool

Heating a swimming pool ensures a temperature is created that’s comfortable for everyone. There are various ways you can heat your swimming pool. Here’s a few of the most popular methods you can try:

Electric Pool Heaters

Compatible with above ground pools an electric pool heater is a simple and effective way to warm the pool water. It works by drawing in fresh water into a heating tank and then pumping this warmed water back into the pool. The constant exchange of cold and warm keeps your pool heated

Bestway Electric Pool Heater

Heat Pumps

Put simply, heat pumps increase the temperature of your swimming pool’s filtered water by using the warm air from the outdoors. It’s worth noting that heat pumps don’t need to be switched on all the time and can be turned off during summer due to the warmer weather.

Solar Mats

Also known as a solar blanket, solar mats are flexible solar panels that are made to heat your swimming pool by using the sun’s rays. Environmentally friendly, low maintenance, and quick to install, solar mats can be fitted onto roofs or on the ground.

Solar Covers

Much like a solar mat, solar covers also use the sun’s rays to heat your swimming pool. Instead of being installed on the ground, solar covers are used to cover your swimming pool when it’s not in use.

Swimming Pool Care & Maintenance


To keep the water disinfected and sanitised, there should always be a consistent level of chlorine in your swimming pool. Chlorine tablets are the most popular way of sanitising swimming pools thanks to their slow-dissolving nature and affordability. Chlorine tablets can be placed either in a floating dispenser or within your swimming pool’s skimmer basket.


We recommend that all pool owners invest in a cover. They are an effective way of preventing debris, insects, and other forms of bacteria from entering the water when the pool is not in use. Plus, when your pool is covered, it allows your pool to retain heat – keeping the temperature at a comfortable level for longer. 

Maintenance Kits

Maintenance kits are an essential piece of equipment for pool owners, as they ensure the water is clean and safe to swim in. A maintenance kit usually consists of a skimmer net, an aluminium rod, and pool vacuum cleaner.

Pool Accessories

Ground Mats

As you’d expect, owning a swimming pool can create both slippery surfaces and often cause excess water to overspill with nowhere to drain. A practical solution to both problems is to lay down ground mats. This allows water to drain efficiently and provides users with a comfortable, slip-proof area to walk on.


Sprayers not only add an extra layer of fun to your swimming experience, but they can also create a more relaxing atmosphere. Sprayers clip onto the side of the pool and pump a jet of water into the air, producing a fountain to play in or a cooling mist when the temperature rises.


Transform the look of your pool by installing a brand-new lighting system, from floodlighting to decorative fairy lights. This gives you more opportunity to use your pool, enabling you to go for a late-night dip, as well as create a pleasant ambience for you and your guests.

Swimming Pools at Euro Car Parts

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