Top 10 Car Care Products

Man Washing Car

Whether it’s salt and mud over the winter or bugs and pollen in the warmer months, it’s hard to keep your car clean – no matter the time of year. If you’re a frequent visitor at the local car wash, why not consider investing in a few key products, so you can get that pristine finish without stepping off your driveway?

There’s a huge market for car care and car cleaning products within the automotive industry, with thousands of options out there for enthusiasts to choose from. Not sure where to start? Below, we’ve put together a list of our top 10 car care products, that won’t break the bank.

Exterior Car Care

1) Turtlewax Cherry Snow Foam

Ideally applied before shampoo or wax, Turtlewax Cherry Snow Foam has a rich, cherry scent and provides an extremely deep clean, every time. This effective pre-wash forms a thick foam blanket over the body of your car, lifting dirt, grease and even grime from traffic to the surface of the foam, so you can carry out a streak-free rinse. 

2) Turtlewax MAX Power Car Wash Shampoo

Another fantastic product from Turtlewax, this MAX Power Car Wash Shampoo can be mixed to achieve three different strength levels, in line with your car’s needs. Add 100ml per 4-litre bucket for an everyday clean, 200ml for a heavier wash that’ll eliminate bug debris or salt stains, or 300ml for a powerful clean which will safely blast away the toughest dirt – including brake dust on your wheels – without damaging your car.

3) Carplan Demon Shine Pour On Shine Concentrate

Waxing can be an elaborate and time-consuming process, so if you don’t find car care cathartic, Carplan Demon Shine is the perfect product for you. Once you’ve shampooed your car – there’s no need to wait for it to dry – just mix Demon Shine in a bucket of clean water, and pour over your car, one panel at a time. Dry with a micro fibre towel for a stunning finish that’ll shine for many weeks – all without the faff of a car wash.

4) Carplan Tyre Slik

When it comes to DIY car detailing, tyres often get overlooked, but with an effective tyre shine brand, you’ll find your tyres just as rewarding as the rest. After you’ve cleaned your wheels with a suitable product (try Triple QX Super Concentrated Wheel Cleaner), spray Carplan Tyre Slik directly onto the tyre wall, and enjoy that beautiful shine.

Interior Car Care

5) Meguiars Ultimate Leather Balm

Quality leather upholstery deserves to be properly maintained, and we sell several top-end leather cleaners at ECP, like Meguiars Ultimate Leather Balm. This gentle product will lift dirt and debris from your car’s interior without damaging the leather, while the rich, smooth finish of the balm leaves it looking and feeling as good as new.

6) Sonax Xtreme Cockpit Cleaner Matt Effect

Take the hassle out of cleaning your dashboard with the Sonax Xtreme Cockpit Cleaner, a scented spray with a refreshing fragrance, that even prevents electrostatic charging. Suitable for any plastic surfaces on the interior of your car, this product is perfect for penetrating grained or textured surfaces, to really get rid of any dust and dirt that’s settled over time.

7) Simoniz Upholstery Cleaner With Brush

A convenient two-in-one with applicator included, Simoniz Upholstery Cleaner can completely transform the fabric of your car seats and carpets. Getting that new car smell is easy; once you’ve shaken out your carpets and hoovered your seats, simply spray this product onto the upholstery and use the brush head attached to evenly distribute the cleaner.

Car Care Tools

8) Trade Quality Telescopic Wash Brush

Struggle to reach the roof of your vehicle? This Trade Quality Telescopic Wash Brush is sure to make your life easier. Simply attach the base of the brush to your hose pipe using a standard hose connection, and then extend as far as necessary using the telescopic arm. Fully extended, the brush measures over 2 metres long, so you’ll have no trouble reaching the trickiest spots when you’re cleaning.

9) Trade Quality Extra Large Micro Fibre Drying Towel

An affordable, low-tech product that’s often underrated, a Trade Quality Micro Fibre Drying Towel can make all the difference when it comes to the shine and finish on your car. This extra large towel is especially convenient for drying large vehicles, as it’s super absorbent but still easy to ring out. 

10) Sakura Handheld Car Vacuum

We all have good intentions – but inevitably our car interiors end up looking a little worse for wear after a while. Forget dragging your hoover halfway down the drive – the Sakura Handheld Car Vacuum is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. You’ll have no trouble accessing every part of your car, picking up all the dirt and debris until it’s spotless.

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