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In Car Fire Extinguishers

In Car Fire Extinguishers

Help to safeguard your car against fires by carrying an in-car fire extinguisher. You never know when accidents or emergencies can happen, so make sure you’re prepared in the unfortunate circumstance that they do. Browse the range below.

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While it’s not a common occurrence to experience a fire in your car, they can happen. Whether it’s from a problem with your electrics or something else entirely, keeping an in-car fire extinguisher is a sensible option to protect your vehicle from potential fire damage. We stock fire extinguishers from brands such as Streetwize, Afff and Abc, in a range of specifications such as foam and powder options. We also stock various different sizes, including 600g, 1kg and 2ltr, so you can choose the size of fire extinguisher that will best suit the size of your car. Available at a range of prices, and with our free UK delivery service, you can have the safety equipment you need delivered to your door hassle free. Browse the full range above, and if you have any queries about which product is the best for your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team - we’ll be happy to help!