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Chevrolet ABS Sensor

Chevrolet ABS Sensor

Every Chevrolet car is fitted with Automatic Braking System has ABS sensors. Your Chevrolet sensors pick up signals from the corresponding ABS ring to determine wheel speed, and this information is then sent to the ABS controller which applies corrective pressure to the brakes via the hydraulic unit. ABS ECU which adjusts the braking force applied to each wheel can maximise performance and safety.

The malfunctioning of a Chevrolet ABS sensor is one of the common faults within the ABS system, as they are constantly subjected to detrimental factors such as heat, vibration, dirt and moisture due to their location right next to the wheel.

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Chevrolet Abs Sensors

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ABS sensors are incredibly sensitive, individually monitoring the acceleration and deceleration of each wheel through an electromagnetic field generated by the wheel’s rotation. Fluctuations in this field are registered and sent as signals to the ABS controller unit, which instantly applies precise amounts of braking force to each wheel in order to boost performance and efficiency, as well as safety. Due to their proximity to the wheels and the ground, ABS sensors are exposed to constant heat, dirt and moisture, as well as vibrations and the occasional jolt; which can lead to malfunctions. Without reliable sensors, your ABS system can’t always keep you, your car and those around you safe, so taking the time to make sure your ABS sensors are of the highest quality is a must.