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Chevrolet Lambda Sensor

Chevrolet Lambda Sensor

The Chevrolet Lambda sensor or oxygen sensor is located in the manifold or exhaust system. Lambda sensors analyse the amount of oxygen in the fuel being used by your car. The Lambda sensor is a vital component of any modern car, as it makes modern fuel injection possible and helps to regulate the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere. This sensor then sends signals back to the ECU to calculate the engines fuelling requirements.

It is worth checking that your Chevrolet Lambda sensor is working properly, as faulty ones can lead to the catalytic converter becoming damaged and result in expensive repairs

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Chevrolet Lambda Sensors

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The Lambda sensor is located in your car’s exhaust system, upstream of the catalytic converter. Most modern vehicles also have a second Lambda sensor located downstream of the catalytic converter; this is designed to provide an extra layer of safety by analysing its performance. As well as its importance in regulating the emission of harmful gasses into the environment, the Lambda sensor is key to the smooth running of your car’s catalytic converter. A faulty Lambda (or oxygen) sensor could seriously damage the catalytic converter, resulting in some very expensive repair work. This essential piece of equipment therefore needs to be checked regularly and replaced if it is not working properly. Europarts.com stocks a range of top-quality sensors to fit every make and model of car.