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Ever wondered how far you can really get on one full tank of fuel? Starting at John O’Groats, we challenged three drivers in the three best-selling cars of 2018 to find out! See how far they got in the videos below.

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Three cars, three full tanks, three different routes. Who drove the furthest and managed the most miles per gallon?

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  • Vauxhall Corsa

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  • Ford Fiesta

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  • Ford Focus

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Starting at John O’Groats, watch Dave in the Vauxhall Corsa as he navigates his way through beautiful scenery, takes the directions back to basics with a good old paper map, and maybe even encounters a few roaming free (and apparently randy) highland cattle on his way.

Time (hrs) 14h 47min
Av. speed (mph) 31.7
Distance (m) 468
MPG 47.3

Our verdict

Despite taking the slower B road route with tougher terrain, we were still impressed by how far this motor got. The Corsa had the largest engine of all three cars, and a medium-sized tank in comparison, but still racked up a similar mileage.

Vauxhall Corsa

Check out how Maddie found the Ford Fiesta on her journey from John O’Groats. Featuring some stiff competition, a mammoth amount of coffee and some pretty sights between the inevitable grey of the motorway, see how the little Fiesta fares in the Full Tank Challenge.

Time (hrs) 11h 45min
Av. speed (mph) 40.5
Distance (m) 476
MPG 51.5

Our verdict

Despite having the smallest tank of the three cars tested, the Fiesta still packed an almighty punch. This car took a motorway-based route, which no doubt helped, but we were still left with a great impression of this little 1-litre’s fuel economy.

Ford Fiesta

See how Laura fared in the Ford Focus in our Full Tank Challenge. With just one full tank for the car, and a heck of a lot of sweets for Laura, watch the stakes get higher alongside some fantastic seaside views, and the odd field of kale!

Time (hrs) 12h 2min
Av. speed (mph) 41.1
Distance (m) 502
MPG 41.5

Our verdict

While travelling on preferable A roads, it was the Ford Focus that got the furthest. But as this car had by far the largest tank size of the three we tested, and a small engine, we were expecting it to go even further!

Ford Focus

Running out of fuel

What really happens when you run out of fuel?

In short: bad things. Running out of fuel is bad news for your engine, whether you drive a petrol or diesel car.

Even before you get to the point of having zero fuel in your tank, damage can start to happen. The fuel at the very bottom of the tank could have sediment in it - something that usually occurs in older cars - which can damage the fuel lines, block the fuel filter and even damage the engine itself.

At the point of having zero fuel in your tank, your fuel pump will start to draw in air. This can result in the pump getting too hot, overheating, and eventually wearing out. And it gets worse for diesel engines too!

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