Tyre Foam

Flat tyres can be incredibly frustrating. Out of nowhere your tyre might start to lose air or you might find that you've driven over an object sharp enough to cause a puncture. Some of these punctures can be slow-burning, gradually releasing small amounts of air, while others can release it much faster – either way, you will need a new tyre or some repair work. Tyre foam has proven to be not only one of the most innovative products released onto the market in recent years, but one of the most popular too. Tyre foam is inserted into the tyre to reinflate the damaged or worn tyre, sealing it in the process so that no more air is able to escape. While it's important to note that it is something of a “quick-fix” until you fit a new tyre, it is possible to run the car on tyre foam. Browse the full range of tyre foam available from Euro Car Parts today. Show Less

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