Ocap was established as a machining shop in Turin, Italy in the 1970s. Since then it has grown into a major international supplier of steering and suspension parts for all kinds of automobiles, aided by its advanced R&D, engineering and testing facilities. As well as its main industrial site in Italy, it operates production facilities in Hungary, India and China. Read More
Ocap's automotive product portfolio focuses on three main component areas: suspension, steering and antiroll systems. It is especially well-known as an original equipment manufacturer for supercars, as well as being a leading presence in the spare parts market.We're proud to stock a large range of Ocap's famous products here at Euro Car Parts, ensuring that when our customers need the very best components, they can find them quickly and easily and at a fair price. Browse our Ocap stock and place an order online, or find your nearest Euro Car Parts store and pay us a visit.

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