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Oxyacetylene Consumables

Oxyacetylene Consumables

Need cutting nozzles and other consumables for oxyacetylene welding? Get all the oxyacetylene consumables you need from Euro Car Parts – they’re ideal for pro mechanics and enthusiastic amateurs alike!


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Oxyacetylene consumables are used with welding equipment to join metals together permanently. Usually, these consumables are different sizes of nozzles, which can be used to project flames of different sizes and intensities for different cutting and joining tasks. Oxyacetylene is a commonly-used mixture of oxygen and acetylene that’s suitable for automotive welding and DIY tasks alike. Before you start welding, always make sure you’re using the appropriate safety equipment and have the right accessories and tools for the task. Find oxyacetylene consumables for all kinds of jobs here at Euro Car Parts. Ideal for garages and body shops that do welding every day, or for home users who occasionally do repairs and maintenance on their vehicles, our products fit a range of needs and budgets. Browse our range of oxyacetylene accessories and equipment here – you can click and collect your order in-store, or have it delivered to your door for free within the UK.