Car Sanders

Prepare your car for repainting or spot repairs with a high-quality sander. stocks a vast range of all types of sander, as well as the different specifications of sanding grit that you will need to fit your tool.
Sanders for your car come in so many shapes, sizes and modes of operation that it's sometimes difficult to know where to start. You can sand your car by hand using old-fashioned blocks and sanding boards, but these days you'll probably find it easier to use a power sanding tool such as an electric or pneumatic sander.

Different types of sander include air sanders, belt sanders, twin-piston sanders, angle sanders, orbital sanders, dual-action sanders and flat-bed sanders. For minor repairs or spot refinishing, opt for a compact or mini sander that fits in your palm.

Many sanders have variable speed controls and all types will take replacement sanding sleeves, belts or discs of all sizes, diameters and grit specifications. Alternatively you can get a sanding kits that includes a selection of discs and pads for different uses.
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