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Steering Fluid

About Steering Fluid

Important if your car uses power steering, take a look at our range of steering fluids here at Euro Car Parts to ensure that your engine is never left thirsty.

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Though this isn’t something that owners of older vehicles need to worry about - particularly those that use a rack and pinion system - if you’re the owner of a modern car that utilises power steering, read on. Steering fluid is an often overlooked but super important part of engine maintenance - arguably on a par with oil and fuel. Running low on steering fluid can mean that your steering system stops working entirely, which as you can imagine, is an incredibly dangerous situation! Even if you feel that you’re aware of your steering fluid levels, in an ideal world, it should be checked every week. Leaks can and will happen - so keeping an eye on it can help ensure you don’t get yourself into any tricky situations. If you find you do need to top up those levels, we are here to help. Browse our range of steering fluids below, and find a quality fluid that’s great for your car.